The White Lillies You’ll Need and Want in Every Room!



I’m sure we can all agree that we work hard to live the best lives we can. And with the many demands of our lifestyles, it has become a luxury to be able to focus on the little details. So whenever we can, we do so! Right?

I for one, enjoy the little things like being able to surround myself with things that make me smile, or that just simply lighten up the room. Being both type A, and a visual person, I also can’t help but make sure there isn’t any clutter when I work. I highly value clean aesthetics down to a tee, so I love keeping our house, workspace, and rooms tidy without sacrificing design and functionality.

So when I got first dibs and saw these new tissue boxes Sanicare just recently released, I couldn’t help but appreciate its super cool design! I’ve never seen tissue boxes be this artsy before! Then I found out that these were not just random floral designs that their team chose to print out, but these were actually thoughtfully designed by a local artist, Alessandra Lanot! 

​I’m also proud to say we’re friends, and I’ve been a fan of her artworks and posts on! A big wow, and congrats to you, Alessa! Just really proud of how big Filipino brands like Sanicare support local talent, and share not only the art, but also the convenience to all their consumers.

Yes, convenience is definitely a key factor here because, you won’t need to transfer these tissues into a separate decorative tissue box or holder anymore. You can simply display it anywhere, and it’ll look great! Love these watercolored pattern designs filled with lush greens, and beautifully painted brush strokes that create Calla Lillies and Champaca’s in full bloom!

The freshness of the green, white, yellow, and black color palatte make them neutral enough to blend well in every room, while adding aesthetic value to the corner they rest in. As far as I know, these are the only 3ply facial tissue in the market that can double as an elegant design piece at home.
Here’s my White Lillies inspired #JCootds!

And in terms of quality and function, ​Sanicare offers 3ply facial tissues in the market to produce soft and durable tissues for any use. I make sure as well to get only the best quality of personal care tissues since my skin is quite sensitive, and that I get allergies from time to time.

I’m excited to open and use my second box in the car, because you know, you’re second home is in the car when you live in Manila and have to endure its traffic! haha Just squeezed in this blog post to share how we should keep supporting local brands, and artists the best way we can, and patronizing dynamic new campaigns like this is one way of doing so! 

Get first dibs on these limited edition White Lillies boxes when they’re officially on shelves by November!

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Until the next!