Twenty-Two! My Bubba Birthday + Grad Appreciation Dinner!

Twenty-two years of existence in this crazy-beautiful world, surrounded by friends, family, the people I love, and admire… What can I say? I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Earlier this month, I celebrated my 22nd birthday (April baby in the house!) in the classic Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in, Greenbelt 3. Just a few days after our batch’s graduation rites, it was high time to see my good friends again to celebrate and rejoice the momentous occasion when we finally get to bid our sleepless nights of studying good-bye. Really glad that I also got to invite dear relatives from both Mom and Dad’s sides, and it was great seeing everyone gathered altogether in one mini-reunion. I’m sure Dad would’ve loved it too.

Throwing parties can be daunting at times with all the preparations they entail. From sorting out the guest list, figuring out the venue, choosing a theme, selecting items from the menu, the birthday cake, and the list goes on! In my case, I didn’t quite have time to prepare for any of those at all, especially after the graduation high, and with work having piled up along the way. Fortunately, the awesome Bubba Gump team was on my side! Headed by their newly acquired ‘Team Leader’, who is also known to be my sweet partner in anti-crime, I was thrown a beautiful signature Bubba Birthday complete with, well… everything. 

I was only told to invite people, and the rest was their business. So on that Monday night, right after a restful Holy Week, I came in the restaurant not knowing what exactly to expect. To my delight, it was like Easter all over again! Colors everywhere, and pretty balloons adorned in almost every corner of the area. The gift table set-up had my name spelled out in pretty patterns, the food was the bomb, the fresh chocolate chip cookies were a big hit, they sang me The Bubba Gump BDAY song, and I requested for the traditional one to be sang by my friends even if it had copyright issues haha. They prepared a delicious Ice Cream Caramel Spiced Cake for me, reminiscent of the ones served at an iconic gingerbread house we visited during my France study tour! I was in birthday party heaven.

Thank you to Andrea Beldua for all the pretty event photos!
Needless to say, I definitely enjoyed. I simply couldn’t get enough of their boneless southern fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies! The sweet company I had that evening made things even more meaningful… and my favorite part was reading all of my guests’ well-wishes in the birthday cards my sister and I prepared. Okay, that was the only last-minute thing we prepared for since we thought it would be really fun for everyone! 
It would be a great DIY idea for your future parties soon too! The birthday cards were in a “fill-in-the-blanks” format. My sister, Jessika, painted the pretty watercolor designs on the front of the cards with inspiring notes painted on patterns. Follow her blog here, and IG here for your daily dose of art. She’s the best big sister ever! Let me know if you need her watercoloring services too!

I never knew ‘Feeling Twenty-Two’ could ever feel this good. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with me, to Bubba Gump Philippines, to my dear loved ones, and of course to The One up above for a night I’ll forever cherish! Cheers to yet another year! 

P.S. Since I’m already posting this timely with their newest promo, why won’t I go ahead and share the great news too! All diners at Bubba Gump will get a chance to win a new ride from British car brand MG/Morris Garages, for a minimum single receipt worth P1,500 only starting May 1 – December 18, 2015! Sounds like a win-win for me! Keep scrolling down to see my suggestions for your orders. 😉 haha Enjoy, and good luck! Click here for more info on Morris Garages.


Bourbon Street Fish


Mushroom Veggie Burger


Bubba’s Baked Seafood Rice


Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken


Hook, Line, and Sinker


Ice Cream Caramel Spiced Cake A.K.A. my BDAY cake! You can order it à la carte too!

Book your very own Bubba Birthday too, or surprise your friends/family with one! Visit their official website here, and official FB page here to learn more. They also offer catering services!

Until the next! If today’s your birthday, have the best one yet!

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Philippines is located in 2L, Greenbelt 3, Makati City, Philippines,