“UNIK” Everyday with The KASE Paris

Being a believer of expressing oneself through style, I am always on the lookout for statement pieces that are like no other. Although the range of different styles people have may be infinite, we all have one particular accessory that we all constantly unconsciously wear with our everyday ensembles—our phone cases! 

Whether you’re a daring trendsetter, or an easy laid back type of a dresser, we all carry our gadgets with us everywhere we go. So why not let them match our styles and be on point with our personalities too?
There are many stores around the metro where you can find a lot of different quirky and cool phone case designs, but nothing beats the experience of getting them customized at The KASE Paris. First time I took notice of the brand was when I saw one of their stores at the airport. It looked like one of the most fancy phone case stores I’ve seen. Plus, with the word “Paris” attached to it… it gave an even more intimidating impression.
So when I got the opportunity to visit one of their stores and check out their services, I said yes to see what this mysterious store is really all about with my own eyes!

When I first entered their Glorietta branch, it felt as if I just landed on phone case paradise! A case for almost every phone unit was displayed on one wall. Each corner had a wide array of cases too, from simple minimalist designs, to more eye-catching designer cases. The coolest gadget accessories were lined up in another display area, and there were even design pods where you can create your own case as if playing a neat iPad game!  
Yup, personalizing your phone cases has never been this extensive thanks to the variety of design options you may choose… from exclusive collections signed by a community of designers from around the world, a prestigious website of images, your own personal pictures, or even from licensed brands.

After choosing your phone case unit, bumper case color, design, and other add-ons, The Kase, processes your finished design into their innovative UV printing system. The UV light used allows for the surface of the cases to have an almost scratch proof and waterproof texture, and the entire printing session only takes a few minutes.
I had my iPad mini case decked out by using my logo onto a marble pattern. All I did was email them a high-resolution copy of it, and next thing I know, I was already personally adjusting its size and placement via their KASE customization app.
Then I just waited for a short few minutes for my design to be printed out. It was much like waiting for a take-out order, and viola, my very own KASE is born unto this world and ready to hug my iPad where it now belongs.
For my two other phones, I thought of simply choosing a ready made design from their shelves. I selected more formal looking designs that will go perfectly with any of my formal occasions. Fell in love with these blinged out designs! I mean, why not right?
They also house other partner designer brands like Guess, Paul and Joe, Ferrari, Otterbox, and many more! How chic are these?
And one factor I love about The Kase is that they are not brand centric when it comes to your phone units! They support both Apple and Samsung units, as well as HTC, Nokia and many more. They even have generic fit cases that can be used universally with similarly shaped phone models.
Couldn’t be happier that this Parisian brand made it to our tropical shores, because dressing up our gadgets just got way more fun!
Just think of the infinite ways we can customize our cases. These are also perfect gifts for different occasions, that people of all ages would appreciate, especially if you want your present to have a unique touch.
And if you’re an artist, you can be one of their official design partners and earn every time your design gets chosen by any The Kase Paris customer worldwide!
​How awesome is that?

So to all you functional fashionistas, now you know where to get your gadgets’ style game going strong! For more information, visit their site here.