​Today last year was that fateful day when half my face froze, and my body deteriorated. When something that significant happens to you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually it really transforms you.

And yes, today as I write this I am unparalyzed and have been living with so much more gratitude and drive for purposeful action. I can’t help but reflect and look back at the full year that has passed since then, and share some personal “epiphanies” that stuck with me.


​It took losing half my face and my inner physical strength for me to realize how equipped we all are already to face life! Pun intended! But really, with a fully functioning face, body, mind… Healthy both in and out, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. So what’s stopping you?

TIME is our greatest resource and the best part is, it’s totally free! Have you been taking it for granted?

Aside from time, another golden resource is ENERGY, sourced from good health and pursuing a balanced lifestyle. But the thing is, we gotta take the extra mile to make sure our systems are in check! So kids, let’s eat our fruits, veggies, sleep on time… and you know the drill!


In other words, yes work hard in good faith. Mean well, do well. But don’t strive for perfection or you’ll end up becoming either:A. A crazy dum-dum (perfection doesn’t exist duh!)
B. Self-punishing
C. Diagnosed with “perfection paralysis”
D. All of the above + extra haggardYes we don’t want that. I coined that term under letter C because I am guilty for it. Not being able to do more, and be productive, out of fear of not being good enough can drive you nuts, and get in the way of so much more beautiful possibilities life has to offer. Not to mention, it’s extra stressful!

But you know what’s more stressful? NOT HAVING THE OPTION TO DO… To be, to express your calling. (Exactly how I felt at the peak of my Bell’s Palsy)

What a time to be alive with so much knowledge, inspiration, resources and influence on our fingertips! All we have to do is be courageous enough to FOLLOW THROUGH with our goals, no matter how daunting they may seem. Start strong, follow through, finish strong. But then again being human has it’s limits, and it’s completely healthy to acknowledge this fact.

We need sleep, we’re prone to sicknesses, being burned out, accidents, hurt, pain, stress, procrastination, giving into unhealthy desires. We all have our weaknesses. But with God on our side, we are always without a doubt stronger.


Yes, this day last year… Within an hour, the direction of my life changed just like that. From being off to host an event, to suddenly having to bail, rushing to make it to see a rehab doctor to be treated immediately. Woah! Still getting goosebumps on how dramatic that day was.

Having gone through that illness was difficult and depressing to say the least. It challenged every fiber in my being, and literally every nerve. But through faith and the will to obey God’s bigger picture in my life… Despite the struggles, I’ve come out of it stronger, living life with so much more meaning and vigor. (Mark 8:35)

I never realized how ironically powerful it is let go, and let God take full control. Because nothing in His control can ever be out of control. Mastered by Christ, you can handle anything. HE KNOWS SO MUCH BETTER SO LET HIM LEAD, and witness His promises of abundance and salvation grow in your life! 

Being blessable on the other hand is actually a thing! It’s quite simple too. Having a pure heart and genuinely praying to God, naturally allows Him the opportunity to bless you.

We’re so used to instant-gratification with our hurried, hyper-connected lifestyles that we forget to be patient and obedient with God’s plan for us. We often forget that there’s so much strength in surrender and so much wisdom in prayers. (James 1:5)

As for me, although it’s been a year, it’s only just begun. I have so much more I wish to share, do, teach, and move. Since I shared my testimony a few months back on how much this significant life event was a clear evidence of God’s power, overflowing love, and providence in my life… Many have reached out and opened their hearts in praise. From the bottom of my full heart, thank you for appreciating my story! And most importantly, thank you for allowing me to share God’s mission in my life. ❤️

So to everyone feeling paralyzed with their anxieties, doubts, and fears… Shake it off!! We all have them, but don’t let them take you over. Breathe in and out… Reset, and smile! Don’t take those full smiles for granted! It was all I literally wanted to be able to do when I got sick.

Always start and end your days with prayer. And despite life’s uncertainties, remain confident KNOWING THAT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, BE ANYTHING with God’s faithful goodness. (2 Corinthians 9: 6-8)🙌

Enjoy living fully unparalyzed!