Valentine’s with “Girlfriend for Hire”

Having taken up AB Communication in ADMU, (Shout out to all my Atenean readers! Haha I miss college!😭) one of my favorite electives was film class! I think I already shared this in a previous blog post but, yes I am quite a movie freak! Being a visual person who has a knack for interesting stories, watching films or TV series is my ultimate go-to “escape” and source of entertainment. I took 3 film courses back in Ateneo… Elements of Screen Art, Asian Cinema, and European Cinema. All movie selections were curated by our professor, Fr. Nick. He’s the sweetest! His viewing classes and film seminars were the sweet cherries on top of my college life! Reading subtitles became second nature to me too. Since I graduated last year, I’m almost always on the look out for movies that have not only astounding cinematography, but also a satisfying storyline. 
Week after week, Hollywood blockbusters take our local movie houses by storm. So whenever a locally produced film comes around, I always look forward to it and hope that it presents itself with a compelling and fresh story to fare with international flicks. 
Soon as I heard “Girlfriend for Hire” as a movie title of a Pinoy film, I immediately had a feeling this would be a good one. Clearly, the title is a hook on its own! I also found out that it’s based on the hit Wattpad novel of the same title. I really support this whole “Wattpad” generation of writers, and we gotta give it to them because they are living testaments to the fact that anyone can be a producer and content creator. How empowering!

Starring in the film is the YanDre love team, A.K.A. Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras. Just a side note, Yassi and I go way back as co-Barbie models!! I was 9 and she was I think 6 or 7 Haha We still get to bump into each other in events. Proud of you, Yass!

I also did more research on the synopsis of the story since I already got curious. It revolves around a complicated love story between Nami Shanaia San Jose (Pressman) and Bryle Stanford (Paras) who agreed to pretend to be in a relationship with each other in order to please Bryle’s grandfather.  Nami is a working student taking up HRM. While Bryle is the typical arrogant “alpha male” character, who’s coincidentally the grandson of the university’s founder. 

They start to hate each other first due to certain incompatible situations, but with the quirky agreement they made, they both got to know each other beyond a surface level. They eventually get along and even get cozy, I could imagine. I’m sure you get the picture and where this is going!
Supporting actors of Andre and Yassi, are Shy Carlos, Donnalyn Bartolome, 
Clint Bondad, Ara Mina and Ronaldo Valdez! Interesting cast!

I’ve also been seeing posts online and teaser screen grabs from the film, and I could definitely say I’m excited to catch it! It’s already showing in cinemas nationwide and I heard that they’re dubbing it as the funniest Valentine movie to make you swoon with kilig and laugh out loud. Everybody needs a little more of both right? Valentines or not, I’m always in the mood for refreshing romcoms like this. So it’s a date with me and “Girlfriend for Hire” as silly as that sounds. How about you? Maybe we’ll even bump into each other in the movie house! Who knows?

What are proudly produced Pinoy movies you’re excited to catch? 

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