You’re Oh So Fine, HUAWEI P9!


 About a month ago, I was tapped to host for the launch of Huawei’s latest smartphone unveiling here in Manila at The City of Dreams — The Huawei P9 Series. It’s been said to be performing rather well in the global market in available countries. Quite frankly, after listening and taking part of the program that evening, my co-host and I wished we could bring home with us a unit each for ourselves or at least win one at the raffle draw. Well, the job required for hosts so we delivered to the best of our abilities while being convinced at the same time.

Now fast-forward to today, I finally got my hands on the gorgeous Huawei P9! So I’m sharing my thoughts, impressions so far, and why this phone is getting a lot of attention and hype this season. There are already quite a few technical and comparative blog posts about this unit, so I want to make this more experiential in terms of how I’ve been enjoying it.

​To those of you who’ve been following this blog or my social sites, you’d know that I am a lover of great design and style, and that I enjoy wearing many hats—as a host, model, blogger, speaker, producer, and content creator. So how does this translate to the Huawei P9? Well it simply functions as pretty as it looks, and it’s a reliable gadget for multitasksers, and artists like me! 


​Anyone with eyes and a proper functioning brain can recognize how sleek and sexy the Huawei P9 looks. Good thing that it doesn’t just stop at the exterior. The color I got is in Prestige Gold. Ooh… fancy! Insert heart-eyed emojis please!

Upon setting up the unit, my eyes were pleased by how crisp, clear and colorful the display is. The automatic theme it came with matched in gold as well, and the entire package really looks and feels premium. Upon the first few minutes of getting more acquainted with the phone, I learned that it has an ultra light aluminium construction, a dual-lens main camera, a press touch screen functionality, a responsive fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers, and has a pretty good battery life. It also has a 1080p resolution and a processor of its own design.

Being a very visual person, I enjoy sharp, and bold resolution. Isn’t it evident with my Instagram feed? So I was pleased to find that the P9 has a stunning 5.2” FHD display with 96% color saturation and high contrast, but is still easy on the eyes and not overly saturated.

Its physical size is right in the middle of an iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus… So it fits comfortably in the palm of my hands. The unit is also very lightweight which I love because… C’mon, we can all admit that we never travel without our phones. It’s so easy to carry around, it’s ultra handy, and not heavy at all! No need to worry about dropping your phone to your face while lying in bed. Haha! Yes, I know it happens.


​Being quite the multitasker myself, and very much a millennial with all my social, musical, professional, personal, and digital needs in general… A gadget that’s smart, functional, fast, and fun is exactly what I need.

The P9 has a unique user interface and is powered by Android Marshmallow so there are a lot or fun, quirky and really functional features found in this phone. First of all, it’s highly customizable!  There are a lot of themes to choose from whether you’re going for a classic and sophisticated feel, a really bright and colorful one, or even cool, sleek, or macho for the men. You can also customize the navigation bar and floating dock to your liking, making sure browsing through your phone is an ease. The notifications bar also has an auto steps tracker… I didn’t even have to set it up. I guess it’s the phone’s way of reminding me to stay fit and healthy! Haha

Another buzz-worthy feature of this phone is its unique DUAL LENS camera powered by Leica. Why need two lens? Well, why not? Instagrammers, social media mavens, bloggers, journalists, artists, and photography enthusiasts would definitely enjoy the extensive camera settings of the P9. It’s built to capture more light with its 2 sensors, the RGB and Monochrome respectively.

​There are also a variety of shooting modes to choose from with just one touch, including Beauty photography and videography, Light Painting, Time-lapse, Panorama, Night Shot, Watermark, Slow-mo, HDR, Audio Note (allows you to take an audio clip up to 10 seconds after capturing a photo), as well as one of the favorite features, the Document Scan. Why is this my favorite? Well because it’s so essential! I used to always immediately download productivity apps whenever I get a new phone or gadget. A camera scanner would be one of those must-have apps for me. This Document Scan feature in the P9 is already built-in and works like magic, even in low-light! So whenever you need to submit a scanned document on-the-go, just simply whip out that phone.

Aside from the easy shooting modes, there is also an extensive manual mode you can play around with where you can achieve different focal points, and depth of field. Another quirky feature I’ve been enjoying is how you can take a “Screen Shot” with the P9. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the 2-button press screen shot of the iPhone, and even the hand swipe screen shot of some Samsung phones. Being a Samsung user before myself I’d have to admit that the hand swipe thing was pretty cool…

But, for the Huawei P9, all you have to do is KNOCK! Yup! How fun is that right?

To be exact, you must do two hard or firm knocks with your knuckle!

“Knock-knock!” And… Capture!

There’s even a Scroll Shot feature where you can take an extended screen shot of your phone’s lengthwise screen. So whether you wish to capture a long message thread, or article, you can do so with just one screen shot! You can even record your onscreen actions by knocking twice firmly with two knuckles on the screen.

A step-by-step guide can be found under Settings > Smart Assistance!


​I was really impressed by how responsive the touchscreen feature of the phone is… It even has a “Gloves Mode” under Settings > Smart Assistance, where you can type with ease even with gloves on. Perfect for when you’re traveling to places with cold climate! No need to wear touch screen gloves. There’s also a Touch-disable Mode to make sure the phone won’t have any mistaken operations when it’s stored inside your pocket or bag.

The highly responsive Fingerprint Sensor feature of the P9 is also a huge treat! At the back surface of the unit, you’ll notice a small pad that is strategically placed where your pointer finger would usually rest when holding your phone. Also under the Settings > Smart Assistance, you can add up to 5 different fingerprints, so you can lock and unlock your phone with just a tap! There’s also a Backing-up Data feature to make sure you can save all your precious content in your phone.

The P9 also has a convenient Wi-Fi+ 2.0 feature that allows it to automatically connect to the strongest available Wi-Fi network. It ranks Wi-Fi hotspots and prioritizes the best connection.


​With our society’s demands to be entertained and amused, there’s no doubt that technology can sometimes be too fancy and overly intricate. But even though the Huawei P9 delivers fancy features and aims to entertain, it also ensures efficiency and convenience. At the end of the day, a smart phone is a smart phone for the main qualities we expect from it.

As far as my family and I are concerned… (Yes we’ve been sharing this phone with each other because it’s the newest addition to the family.) The P9 has been serving its purpose quite well, and is a breeze to use. Of course it can take some getting used to especially if you’ve been familiar with all the functions and features of another interface and unit. I personally have yet to get a hang of typing fast, but being an Android user before, I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon.

There are helpful shortcuts too, even when your phone is locked… So you can easily access your camera, voice recorder, flashlight, and calculator in a jiffy! The battery life is quite satisfactory as well, with its typical 3000mAh battery. It can last up to about 30 hours tops on the Balanced Power Mode. The unit can also cater to Dual Sim users so there’s no need to juggle between two phones just because you’re maintaining two numbers.

The Huawei P9 comes in a minimalist design, and all its accessories are nestled neatly in the box it came in. So to all those interested in getting their hands on this coveted baby, here’s what you can expect to find in the box:

Handset ×1
Headset ×1
Charger ×1
USB-C Cable ×1
Eject tool x1
Quick Start Guide ×1

​BUT WAIT, there’s more!!

Huawei really went all out with this package and even provide a hard crystal case, and a screen protector to get you started the right way! I did not expect this at all. I was actually thinking at first that I would have a hard time looking for a case at least for now since this is a fairly new unit. I guess “having a hard time” can be opted out from our vocabulary when using this new gem.

Clearly, my experience with the P9 has been oh, so fine so far. Then again, there is no perfect phone, and no perfect user. Haha! But if these qualities I’ve shared simply fit you and your lifestyle like it has been doing well for me, then by all means… enjoy!